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And finally the new Kia Motors electric car 2019

Continuity and continuous leadership:

Kia Motors unveiled its new electric-powered car at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019, a show that included several large car companies and has revealed many spectacular surprises.

The model is a four-door electric passenger car powered by a low-induction battery charged with p.C. That powers the compact drivetrain. It combines elements of the sports software program, a smart and athletic family salon, and a wide and varied football pass.

It is really a large car and is very popular in Europe. Imagine by kia is also referred to as the “Tiger Mask” surrounding the main headlight units. Initial beam devices are placed with an unbroken mass of clean acrylic glass, increasing the impact of the eye hole. The base of the “tiger mask” has been changed to create the appearance and feel of the suspended headlamps inside a transparent glass block. The signature of the specified lighting can be published as an element Unified planning throughout the electric vehicle range for Kia destiny.

Painting, lighting design and decoration:

The paint is created to be heat and inviting to touch. An unbranded sheet of glass is used for each windshield and roof, and the front turn indicators are adorned with bright and very bright incandescent factors so that the lamp shines and glows as the driver processes the motor, noted by the luminous tiger masks – a welcome gesture to the driving force at the beginning Adventure.

Even wheels play a function in growing images surrounding a light movement. All of the 22-inch alloy Detailed Goodyear 255/35 r22 Concept Concept 4 Intelligent Concept Frames incorporate a flush of translucent acrylic glass for moderate mirrors and refractories.

The interior decoration seems quite elegant because the outside surface follows the same path. “We wanted the interior to flash in the eye, to be complemented by unexpected and entertaining touches that entertain, interact and change both the driver and the passenger,” explains Ralf Klug, Managing Director of Kia Motors Europe in Europe.

The car is equipped with 21 individual resolution high-resolution screens that bend in a synchronous way across the top of the dashboard. These 21 high-definition screens are a series of funny and uninterrupted footage of the ongoing opposition between some of the automotive producers of the band who can produce the car on the largest screen.

The new Kia Motors 2019 is very impressive, and the company is very much distinguished from many other car companies on this side and has taken important steps towards further leadership and excellence in sales in the car market, which is known as fierce competition.

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