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Audi e-tron 2019 is a continuous shine

It can be said that many of the burning Audis cars are striving to drive a super-quiet and super-fast car, and with the advent of the fully-powered Audi e-tron suv in 2019, it hardly seems like a real revolution.

If you ask Audi, they are by design. The employer is not able to locate the e-tron as a “natural” car, noting that natural life is something that can not be detected among its main competitors, the boldly designed i-tempo jaguar and the falcon wing Tesla model. Larger than the Q5 and a little smaller than the Q8, the e-tron is a traditional Audi designed to store for power generation, and will not attract full attention when it stops after its q-badged colleagues in a showroom.

Quiet and safe on the street incredibly:

Like many other audis, e-tron is clearly quiet. This will not seem like a lot of success for an electric powered car, because it does not have the sound of the fuel engine that plugged the eardrum. But in fact, creating a quiet and accurate cabin in EV can be difficult because the paucity of engine noise overcharges the various sound resources that include street and wind noise. The e-tron is one of the quietest electric motors we’ve ever driven, with significantly stuffed cabins that allow little or no noise even at highway speeds.

What a lack of e-tron is the experience of engaging in the back of the wheel. The car properly deals with massive mass drawing near three decades, and takes a guaranteed range at angles. But the direction leading to death in the middle does not in any way call for the driving force to lead. In addition, he will not face all of this. Audi quotes 355 horsepower in daily use and up to 402 horses for up to 8 seconds at a time in optimization mode. But even the floors of the ban on neglected cars will not make passengers yell. There is nothing wrong with traffic and we never feel slow, but we have come to expect a positive degree of excitement, specifically from luxury Ephesus, the way to Tesla.

The brakes and EV are quite rational:

I encouraged the intention to make the electronic vehicle as regular as possible on how Audi adjusts the brake machine with wires. Regenerative braking is an important part of the package, as it is miles away from any ev, but Audi has moved away from single-pedal driving systems that can be found in many different electric motors. The default setting for e-Huron is to leave the reagent in automatic mode, which assumes that the driving force can use the brake pedal frequently. In this situation, even if the brake pedal is compressed, the vehicle uses the new brakes up to a maximum of zero. Auto mode accelerates the slowdown while your feet are out of the accelerator from time to time, for example if he senses a car in front of you or if he knows you Is about to move down the hill based on the navigation system.

In addition, there is a more configurable manual mode for Regin, which allows paddles to be used on the steering wheel to increase deceleration at distinct stages. This low speed slows the car slightly in any area, while the best level reaches zero. 1 g of deceleration. We preferred to ride the car in this style of Max Regin, but we still want to get past the past. Because of the tool’s configuration, it would be exceptional for Audi to offer drivers at least a choice of settings that can move the car to stop without using the brake pedal. This does not help that the pedal itself does not feel sinful in its reaction, with a very strong initial piece.

Perhaps the finest energy you see is its packaging. It is an ethereal and spacious area from the inside, with a rear rear seat, it is truly quite luxurious for two people and spacious enough for three people. In addition, there is plenty of cargo space – 29 cubic feet in the back of the rear seats, four cubes larger than the i-tempo – and the car feels it is substantially usable on a regular basis. In addition, it pulls up to 4000 kg or even has a backup frame.

It is difficult to argue with this practical application or with the completely rational Audi style in building ev mark. The e-tron is a well-placed piece and a good engineer, making it the least concession compared to the Audi gas-powered four-wheel drive. But at this stage, shopping for an electric car – essentially the $ 75,795 car – is still a bold and somewhat irrational option, an option for grain. By working hard to make electronic wellness healthier than mold in its traditional cars, Audi may also have overlooked the possibility of making EV an attractive alternative among the nice alternatives for early adopters. But we are not a long way in the EV generation to see what is right and wrong, and perhaps the conservative Audi technology can convince its existing customer base by making a conversion, which is very important to us.

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