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Chevrolet Coupe 1936 Car Rest and Recreation

The first time you look at the image of this stylish car, you will understand that it is a summer car specially designed for driving with ease and relaxation. Yes, it is classified among the vehicles of the lazy summer season, designed specifically for enthusiasts who want to extend their minds beyond the forms ” Regular “for the Ford bars in the street and Chevrolet stations with a tongue-free blush, this car has a very impressive coupe solid solid metal and a beautiful pink color of the traditional melano sound, and thanks to its comprehensive components of the performance gm v8 and the interior design upscale and comfortable skin, Which combines luxury and simplicity, will be the best companion for you on the road and in all your trips, it is indeed an exceptional piece worthy of attention and driving is certain.

Red attraction and overall performance of the Chevrolet:
At the end of the past years, he ended a severe fanatic healing of the frame which eventually moved to a construction expert 70 thousand dollars. This project, which lasted for about two years of hard work and meticulous work, closed the panels closely below the layer of high quality of the traditional Milanese crimson, while the owner of the contemporary car ownership, built things with live gold lines, today turned this wonderful car for a very beautiful piece, Thanks to the efforts of those who have been in charge for many years, which requires a lot of care and care seriously Chevrolet.
If you look at the hinge cover you will discover exactly where the lifestyle ends and the muscles begin to evolve. Yes, it has been designed and assembled by experts in the aftermarket entity for the aesthetic performance parts of modern engines, creating a zz4 crate 350 cubic inch engine of 355 hp And 405 lbs, at the top of this small confirmed mass, the cadillac-coated air purifier uses windshield wrenches to direct oxygen to the controlled Edelbrook Endorachen carburetor by Lockar. Air and gas are passed through excessive aluminum consumption of aluminum heads, It is a familiar hei dispenser and a gm performance cable. The cooling comes from a large radiator door and a small electric-powered cavity unit. The camera keeps rotating thanks to the easy-going serpentine power that attaches a colored key flex fan before the powerful power generator and the corresponding AC- The courtesies keep their flow into the well-equipped engine bay, and the whole thing, from the looming arms of the cars to its polished radiator lid, has been designed to be attractive and beautiful.

The car frame is made of 5 windows with a unique, high-definition file that is dedicated to the basic class that may be driven or displayed. The front of the façade is characterized by a forged grille decorated with stainless pieces, An illuminated bumper and h4 maxtel headlights on the back of the network. The four-piece bonnet flows on the bronze glass and is polished through stainless-steel scanners that are also in the vicinity of this glass, reflecting mirrors carved with polished suction cups , Traditional door handles and a ” And the rear of the rear-mounted mounting lamp lights up on a shaving box, filling a flowing fuel, and a powerful antenna. At the rear of the car, the chevrolet taillights put the middle of a serrated marker above Two-dimensional polished holder.

Promotion and continuous comfort .. Car Recreation and Laziness:
In addition to all of the advanced features we have mentioned, the car has a modern, fully-built structure ready to enter the road. In the midst of these bones, a 350-speed turbocharged three-speed engine, designed with both a switching package and a 2200 rpm shop, It is 9 inches deep and really full of minor gear 2.50. These gears push a body that is completely covered with powder and has been worn with stainless bolts, sitting on retic bags and mating with matching floors. At the front of this flooring, a clip of a Mustang II man that contains fat, lava and pure twisted energy is attached between the fingers of tubular manipulation and my husband spindles two inches in diameter. A quick stop is provided with the help of a knowledgeable set of caliper calf and magnificent cork.The interior design is very consistent and exquisite, and is in fact one of the highlights of the building. The plush gm seats, which run on power for the car driver, ride an extraordinarily nice carpet and are already set with leather tubes. In the front of those comfortable seats, the dash of eggshell cools in the CD of the Clarion runs away at the back of sophisticated air tricks, small tuning controls, and remote measurement of trendy classic devices, in the vicinity of this race, , And in front of the driver, the tilt hand column makes the steering wheel.
Really and without exaggeration, we can say that this piece is really amazing !! Because it combines high craftsmanship and a list of mass performance devices that are designed to hit the street tomorrow, if you’re the type that likes to overwhelm fashion developments, the Chevrolet Coupe 1936 is the best fit for you.


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