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Ford Capriole 1934 Elegance and eternity

Anyone who has the real appeal of owning traditional cars of all kinds, their history and the company they belong to knows that this is an expression of his exclusive personality, which is based on the real and real attraction of everything that suits his taste and desire. In fact, interest in such things is very interesting and exciting , Highlights the character of his wonderful and real.
Designed in 1934, the Ford Capriole was designed to show heads and jaws, a newly refurbished metal coil around a custom suspension system, a set of leather inside and a clean steering kit.

This magnificent metal car was transformed into a strong force very early on. Along the detailed structure of the car, the nut and the bolt, the metal became exposed to a deep crust culminating in a glossy black silk coat. All the right polished things are where you should be, From a carved car network and dual headlights to its protected bumpers and blue-colored taillights. The exceptional surface of the material slips the acrobatic rear at the back of the deceptive suicide doors and the stainless windshield. The colorful additions include two double horns, gentle hood lamps and non-traditional European parts. All these wonderful things and important additions have made this car a beautiful masterpiece. The ultimate end result: a 32-valve, 4-speed power system that uses a dual-induction system to create 405 hp and 385 lb-ft, making the Ford Cabriolet more powerful and more beautiful than before.

Classic style and strong performance:

The dynamics of this classic model begins with a powerful frame of the manufacturing facility that has been filled, reinforced and painted with precision and professionalism. In the center of these bones, the 700r4, four-speed, four-speed, four-speed Ford is driven by a three- Of polished and tight trampolines, in contrast to that section, the unbiased granules on the front part 1/2 suspend and guide the rack holder on the back of the polished palm trees and American coils. This suspension stops while the duplicate and ground propellants receive metal-braided effects to connect four of the polished calipers to four ventilation shafts. In the middle of the floor, the long, polished pipe heads draw charred fossils through polished pipes, polished crossways and polished huts. On the corners of the chassis, the red speaker swivels 195/60 r15 g / r radish t / as in 255 / 70r15 gd radish t / as. The details on the factor, with a polished flywheel lid and a transferable fin and b & m complement to the wilwood brakes and a chrome-plated gas tank, truly have a beautiful classic car model that deserves these features and this remarkable consistency among all its unique components.

Eternity and elegance Title Stage:

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the Ford interior is perfect for the interior, such as car relaxation. It has the right amount of customization, and its spacious, comfortable seats with a charming Swiss leather cover. That the tires of the enemy are working in accordance with the body to measure the scale of the car meter, also features inside the car also expensive carpets and pedals polished and extended launcher launcher, in front of the driver, the steering wheel Banjo run a leather wrapped collar around a polished sloping column.
Yes, you can certainly enjoy driving the Ford Capriola 1934 freely, and you will enjoy driving a lot if you are a very old car enthusiast and lover. Its 2019 style is like a dream, if not a dream.

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