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Quinigseg Regerra is serious and proficient

Koenigsegg made fewer engines throughout its lifestyles than Ferrari produced in a week, but the Swedish Hypercar proved to be disproportionately successful in the headline triumph. Take, for example, Regera, the all-new, 1341-horsepower model: 1 that we have not developed for a long time in the past.

The numbers somewhere past are just being intimidated. Regera follows the instance assigned by the McLaren p1, ferrari laferrari and porsche 918 by using a hybrid drive set, although it is completely different from anything previously seen. Both a 5-liter v-8 engine with a turbocharger and three electric cars are used to produce a single-mix. Eleven megawatts, which turned to 1509 metric tons – or 1489 hp on a sae American measuring stick. Koenigsegg claims that the acceleration time from zero to four hundred kilometers per hour (249 miles per hour) less than 20 seconds makes the record – the Swedish for “control” – the fastest speeding cars in the world.

Look closely:
We’ll get to the motion group per second – we considered, it’s better to get to the top – but first, a word about design. Perhaps the biggest thing about design is that Koenigsegg did it almost entirely at home without professional designers. Regera is supposed to be a more expensive opportunity to issue the current agera. From the front, looks almost completely unique – you can call them undervalued as koenigsegg requirements. The side and rear sides are controlled by air channels and the large rear wing can be deployed. The cabin is a greater marvel. All previous models of koenigsegg contained cockpit cabins like the blinged-up racers, but Reggiera looks luxurious and spacious in comparison, and even the large central screen display works even in apples.

Move gears and other things:

And now directly to the drivetrain. The fuel side of the koenigsegg direct power transmission: in its effect, a reduction in the single-speed speeds of the powerful eight-engine engine. Between the engine and the two. Eighty-five: 1 rear rear engine No traditional gearbox, only hydraulic coupling, while closed, connecting 2 at a time. Less than 30 mph, this can slide a little, but it is not well aware and receives a very low speed boost as the record relies on a replacement in its electric cars. Above 30 mph, the speed of the Regrera engine and the speed of the wheel increases in direct ration, with a red 8250 rpm line that corresponds to the maximum speed of 249 miles per hour. (The hybrid agreement and the hybrid components agreement from Honda use similar mono speeds in the idea, despite the fact that we would not be surprised if Christian von Koenigsegg was not aware of the 114-mile-long circle of sedans.

Koenigsegg’s immediate power may seem to be the solution to a nonexistent problem, but the organization claims that the lack of a conventional gearbox saves weight and reduces the lost power in the driving range by more than 50 percent compared to conventional transmission. The electric cars provide the ability to refill in which v-8 cars generate much less electricity, as well as to add more overall performance above it, up to the maximum speed at Regera. There are 3 cars yasa axial flow, which is lighter than most radial unusual motor cars. Two types of power are powered by 241 horsepower to drive the rear wheels – providing a torque direction – and a 215 horsepower engine torque to crankshaft resources and also works for both generator and generator run.

 Continuous development:
The 620-volt battery is located in the backbone of the chassis, occupying an area of ​​4 cubic feet and weighing 254 kilograms. Koenigsegg says it is the most intense battery% created for a car on the road, with a potential of 9.27 kWh. Massive Slip Shipments – Up to 671 horsepower may be provided at some point in full acceleration, and can accommodate 201 horsepower during renewed braking. Of course, the onboard 3-kW charger is that the wire is an additional component, with an electrically named range of 20 miles. We have asked for the entire transmission including electric vehicles and battery percent simply adding 194 kg to regera weight compared to its mass if it is simply designed using the v-8 and the current seven-speed automatic transmission of the business enterprise.

Certificate in the right of a beautiful car:

This is a very special way for people to get used to sports cars, listening to the engine, and then shooting, but given the large electric manual and internal combustion engine power of more than 2,500 rpm, Revel’s game in the other world, In a minute, the engine will still be of considerable size because the built-in torque is unbelievable.

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