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The merger of Fiat Chrysler with Renault

In a new development in the global car market, an Italian company said on Monday that Fiat Chrysler had created the idea of ​​a “convertible” merger of French car maker Renault. The joint venture is expected to be 50% owned by Fiat shareholders and 50% by Renault shareholders, Where the merger between the two companies is expected to create a new and powerful player in the automotive market.

It is clear that this smart integration is deeply thought-out, with Fiat and Renault making a lot of gains. It will undoubtedly create a world leader in the fast-changing automotive industry with a strong function in restructuring techniques, including electrification and power supply. Fiat has already announced that in the event of an increase in the economic impact of companies for 2018, annual sales of mixed employers could be about 170 billion euros, with a current profit of more than 10 billion euros and Internet profits of more than 8 billion euros at least.

Intelligent integration and many benefits:

The merger will also involve the purchase of € 5 billion annually by sharing the costs of development in the era, including electric cars and self-employed cars. There may also be no closure of any of the two companies if the partnership is completed and is already on its way. So clearly, this is shown by the statements of officials of the two companies together.

If this partnership is completed, both Nissan and the French government will have about 7. 5 per cent for each new merged organization, although the French authorities prefer integration, but they want more details before giving their final approval. This is clear from statements by French officials who confirmed this.

In addition, the Italian authorities may want to obtain a proportion of the brand-new company in return for a French stake, according to one of the children’s tribal leaders of the Northern League, u. The biggest birthday party S, consistent with reuters.

Through income, the new agency may be the fourth largest in North America, and a variety in the region covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the largest in Latin America

The corporation has turned towards electric fashion, along with more stringent emission standards and improved modern techniques for self-reliant vehicles, putting increasing pressure on automakers for unification.

Renault already has an alliance with Japanese Nissan, where research prices and items are shared. Very private organizations stock in each other, too. Renault owns forty-three. Four per cent of Nissan shares, Nissan owns 15% of Renault.

This merger, which will combine Chrysler’s Fiat with Renault, can be an exciting partnership To impose new pressures on newcomers to the car market and to increase the size of global competition significantly.

We will give you new details on this subject in the event of any further developments, waiting for the completion of this link is expected and very close.

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