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The stunning Audi A7 is out again

It is important to know that the Audi A7 2019 offers you everything you expect from a luxury car in this way. It has a suspension design, a powerful engine that better handles the narrow round corners, exudes externally and externally and is very comfortable.

Audi made sure to convince potential clients not only through a huge internal system, but also with the MMI information and entertainment system. The car maker has a user interface within the operating system and makes it easier to navigate with larger icons and fewer sublists. Additionally brought understandable comments on the touch screen. When you click Expand, you’ll get physical notes. I found I was harder than tapping first and foremost, yet understanding (through shaking) that I simply chose a definitely satisfactory choice.

German luxury and renewable technology:

The Mmi runs in addition to an unmarried display. Less touchscreen for climate control, preferences, and access. However, if you are looking for, let’s say deal, you can draw numbers and letters with your finger. It’s less difficult than clicking a on-screen keyboard. I discovered it was accurate at about ninety percent of the time, and I rested my wrists on the knob while using the lowest display, and it was meant that it was not difficult to use. The tool also highlights some of the already established German luxury car manufacturers installed their cars: active assistant voice.

There is no “hello, audi” statement alert for mmi. Alternatively, you can click the wheel link button. To be honest, it is not now a huge deal. But in a world where we have become familiar with the smart sound system and the phones that are within reach and communication, it seems like censorship.

Audi’s “virtual cockpit” is probably an excellent job. It’s a wealth of statistics for the driving force of a package deal that can be easily navigated with just a few buttons. Yes, it’s so obvious that I thought I did not use it successfully, but that’s not the case, because it’s the simplest application available on the market.

Engine and Cruise Management:

Another amazing thing is, use the cruise management in the adaptive car. Audi uses a leg that protrudes from the lower left corner of the steering column. Hard to peer and find it difficult to apply consistently. Maybe a few weeks later with the car, I used to, but now I’m not keen to put it. Fortunately, after being activated, it seems that the help of keeping a car manufacturer’s lane is highly polished from the closing time you used. The roads I’m running or tweaking are probably small on the machine, but for whatever reason, they’re doing a powerful job in a lane, but the most dangerous curves of highways.

The adaptive cruise management system can manage long stretches and close a narrow barrier easily. Merges have been processed with grace and although you should use this strange stalk to adjust the observation distance, I have not had any problems with the device, which is also important.

Although you do not now allow the auto industry to help you, the A7 is a short and stylish cruiser. Operated with the help of a 3.Zero-litre v-6 turbocharger with a forty-eight-volt hybrid instrument. This engine drives 335 horsepower and 369 feet of torque – you can count zero to 60 times from 5.2 seconds. It is no longer too fast, but it is enough to remind you that you are riding an Audi.

In the meantime, the interior is well equipped without the need to do more. It can accommodate four adults easily and under that hatchback is an excellent amount of space (24. nine cubic feet) – enough for four big bags. Audi has regained the internal and external A7 car, and the end result is an excellent car.

Whatever the price of the current car, it is worth the experience and adventure, yes the real driving fun is only complete with the impressive Audi A7, as it always excels in its field.

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