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The world of cars is changing, and the positions of thousands of workers are threatened

It is no secret to everyone in the world of the auto economy that things are heading towards more instability, if not recession, and this is what many economic analysts, that the idea that the world may have passed the best periods in the field of cars, and that humans in the The future will probably need fewer non-public cars.

It is certain that diesel cars will disintegrate in a small place where their polluting emissions are regulated. Gas / gas cars can be followed. Governments in Europe and the United States have set dates for producers to exchange their costumes for electric power, meaning that the matter has been settled and is only time-related.

Global analysts predict car prices will fall by 3% in 2019, and there is known that there were 38,000 process losses among automakers in six months closing, as commercial vehicle exports from the UK have collapsed by 89% in April, the decline of engines will affect output growth Gross domestic product.

How do car analysts talk these days?

John Murphy’s financial institution in the United States told the last week of the conference that “the institution is appropriate now and is staring at what we believe will be a major slowdown.” He said the income drop in China was “an actual surprise.”
“We expect sales of passenger cars in Europe (former Russia) to fall by 4% year-on-year to 15.06 million in 2019,” says Kunugimoto of Nomura. In the United States, sales are believed to fall by three per cent to 16 million cars.
“In our view, the rise in car sales is obvious,” the financial institution of Michael Meyer in the United States and Anna Zou reported customers these days. “The central view of John Murphy, our car equity analyst, is that the auto cycle has peaked, and in addition, a slowdown is expected,” with our income down to 16 million – less than Nomura’s estimates. “He believes that the new car income is largely driven by the” tsunami “of used car supplies that reduce the prices of used engines, making them more attractive than the new.

There is credible news that stocks are rising amid falling demand. Yes, light truck and SUV stocks have risen uncomfortably high, which has clearly worried many.

A dramatic example of how automakers emerge from the British closing week. The United States boasts of being the Detroit of Europe. But the automotive and vehicle manufacturer community (SMMT) reported that total car production in the UK fell by forty-five percent, 12 months on a year-on-year basis. Commercial vehicle exports have fallen by an astonishing 89%, which has terrified many and made them rethink.

Although the UK auto industry has been hit by the use of dribbling through the history of brixet transport, causing manufacturers to re-equip their factories early, it was not a great thing. This chart for UK car sales indicates that this decline is part of the longer trend that began in 2017.

Does this decline have other effects?

There is no doubt that this decline has a direct impact on employment. Honda has already said in a statement that it will close the manufacturing facility in Swindon, England, which will result in the loss of three thousand and five hundred jobs.

Car makers have reduced 38,000 jobs worldwide over the past six months, according to Bloomberg. Ford cut 7000 people, or 10% of its strength.

Fitch reported that 0.2% of the world’s GDP has already been shaken by the contraction of cars, which will in one way or another affect current and future jobs and the global economy as a whole, especially as the economic war between the United States and China has escalated. Which will further exacerbate this crisis.

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