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Will Mercedes-Benz give up production of diesel cars?

Is it possible that Mercedes-Benz, a long-standing car manufacturer in the industry, can get rid of the liquid that has been working on the automobile industry for years.

The German slogan Mercedes-Benz has shown that it will stop producing gasoline and diesel cars by 2039 as part of a bold plan to significantly increase the production of electric cars.

Important certificate and step ahead:

“Let’s be clear what this means for us: a fundamental transformation of our company into less than three productive cycles,” says First Calineus, Daimler CEO. “Mercedes-Benz will use the 2039 ambition to get out of the comfort zone and move on, Bringing new technologies closer together and embracing change. ”

“As a company founded with the help of engineers, we are in agreement with an era that can also help engineer a better future,” he says, “Our path to sustainable mobility is innovation – in a holistic manner along the full cost chain.”

This clearly shows the future direction of the company towards the production of Mercedes-Benz electric cars, because in the coming years will know the growing demand for this type of environmentally friendly cars.

Through the 2025 each car sold by the luxury logo can have a little form of electrical assistance, even if the system is a light hybrid only 48 volts. By 2030, Mercedes is setting up half-car plans to become hybrid electric motors or hybrid engines.

Innovation and orientation for the future:

Calenius encouraged coverage makers to set tough targets but to allow innovation to grow in the race to achieve these goals, he says in this context: “We inspire the cover makers to pave the way for technological neutrality. Let us fix the goal, but not the way to get it.”

The use of Daimler to place a descending date on conventional internal combustion engines – and similarly by adhering to emissions-free plants and clean electricity to their engines – is one of the boldest brands.

While most of them are eager to talk about intensifying electric or partial payments, few have set a date for fossil fuels.

Waiting for what will happen in the future, there is no doubt that the direction of Mercedes-Benz to produce electric cars is a step forward, in view of the global car market is fierce competition and rapid development.

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